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June 04, 2007

More photos from the debate spin room

by Josh Bernoff

Satellite trucks line up outside the spin room.


During the debate, the spin room is quiet. Most of the reporters are in the "filing center" (another gym next door). The candidates' spokespeople wait around listlessly.


Gather.com's bloggers blogged live on these bleachers while watching the debate on a monitor.


Once the debate is over, reporters and camera crews flood into the spin room. Here, a huge scrum of reporters broadcast an interview with a Hillary Clinton spokesperson.


After a few minutes, candidates themselves show up in the spin room. The first ones to arrive are long shots. Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel showed up pretty quickly.


New Mexico governor Bill Richardson followed.


US Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio appeared with his wife by his side. (Yes, she really is that much taller than he is.)


Senator John Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, gave interviews as an Edwards surrogate.


A camera on a huge crane delivered images from way above the proceedings.


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