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April 06, 2007

Meetup: Web 2.0 Expo and Forrester Web 2.0 Briefing Day

By Charlene Li

Josh and I are going to be at the Web 2.0 Expo conference, and we’ll be joined by our colleague, Oliver Young. If you’ll be there, we hope to meet up with you – here are a couple of ways:

Panels. I’m running two panels, “Media 2.0” on Monday, and “Social Networking” on Tuesday. Oliver is running “Web 2.0 Monetizing and Enabling Customer Centric Product Platforms” on Wednesday.

Meetings. We’re eager to talk with you, either to hear about a new product or service, or to hear about how you’re using Web 2.0 technologies to improve your bottom line. If you won’t be at the Expo, please still get in touch – you can email us directly, although vendors should submit a briefing request at www.forrester.com/briefings (you’ll get more analysts potentially involved in the briefings this way).

Josh would like to find case studies where companies are seeing a return on their use of Web 2.0 technologies – this is for our upcoming book, which will focus on the effectiveness and ROI of social computing. Send him an email directly at jbernoff at forrester dot com.

Oliver is interested in speaking with anyone involved in the enterprise Web 2.0 market – pure plays, incumbent enterprise players, and of course, users. You can email him directly as well at oyoung at forrester dot com.

And I’m interested in seeing examples of how technology is impacting marketing – the conversations that companies have with their customers. I’m especially interested in social networking and community platforms that companies can use, primarily to set up their own social networks, but also to extend their relationships into existing networks like MySpace and Facebook. As always, I’m also eager to try out new technologies and ideas, especially in the consumer space. You can reach me at cli@forrester.com

Forrester Web 2.0 Briefing Day.Forrester will be holding its first Web 2.0 Briefing Day on Thursday, April 19 in Foster City, California. This complimentary event is an opportunity for companies to brief several analysts who focus on Web 2.0 trends and technologies – all at the same time and place. Companies can meet with up to three analysts, and can also learn how Forrester is working with companies in the Web 2.0 space. I’m also going to be giving a short talk on the state of Web 2.0. Space is limited, so if you’re interested, send an email to briefingcentral@forrester.com, and request the top 5 analysts you’d like to brief from the list below. An RSVP email will be sent once the request is processed.

Here are the participating analysts and their coverage areas (full profiles are available via the links)

Merv Adrian  - Technology marketing and sales, vendor strategies, application architecture
Josh Bernoff – Web 2.0 and social computing
Jeffrey Hammond - Application design and development tools and techniques
Henry Harteveldt - Travel
Rob Koplowitz – Enterprise content management, blogs, wikis, and collaboration tools
Charlene Li - Web 2.0 and social computing for marketers and consumers
Brad Strothkamp
– Financial services
G. Oliver YoungWeb 2.0 applications and adoption, especially in the enterprise

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