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March 06, 2007

About our book -- Groundswell -- and how you can be a part of it

by Josh Bernoff

We thought it was time to give you an update on Groundswell and how you can be a part of it.

As you'll recall, Groundswell is not just this blog, but a book we are working on. Groundswell is about winning strategies in a world transformed by social technologies.

How do we find these winning strategies? Despite what you may have heard or imagined, we don't just make them up. We research them. This research is based in part on the extensive, global consumer surveys Forrester does, a program we call Technographics. But there's a more important, essential ingredient.


The book will be crammed full of case studies from organizations that succeeded through embracing consumer technologies. While we bump into quite a few of these in our interactions with clients and our research, with this post I'd like to reach out and ask you tell us about what you're doing.

We're especially interested in projects that have:

  • A good story about how you got started and kept going.
  • Real business results you can speak about. (Successes are great, but we'd also like to hear about projects that flopped or haven't succeeded yet, too.)
  • Real people involved in the project that we can speak with.

And in case you are worried about the public nature of sharing with us, we can keep these examples confidential until the book is published some time next year.

So send us an email. Click here for Josh, here for Charlene. And be a part of the Groundswell.


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Hi! I'm a young author myself, and I've received numerous awards for my short stories. I think what you're doing is great- and a good idea! I love to write, and I can't wait to read Groundswell! Good luck, and I hope it turns out for you both!

Jaap Bloem


How will Groundswell be different from http://www.wearesmarter.org ?


Josh Bernoff

Thanks for your comment Jaap.

This will be different from www.wearesmarter.org in that it will include proprietary Forrester data and insider stories from our clients. Also, we are writing it ourselves -- we are not using the community authoring model they are. (I can't wait to see how that works out for them!)




It looks like you have figured out all the vital ingredients to make the book almost 'unputdownable' for the target readership.

Can't wait until you come out with it.

On a slightly different note, I have a project (started late in 2005) that you might find interesting as a case study. I'll need to exercise a considerable amount of effort of will to pen it down and if I manage to do this, I'll e-mail it to you one of these days.



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