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February 23, 2007

Transitioning this blog into Groundswell

by Charlene Li

I've decided to combine this blog with the Groundswell book blog that we announced in January. This means that Josh Bernoff will be a contributing author on this blog. I will still continue to write about topics that are unrelated to the book, but as you can imagine, the book is a primary focus of my efforts these days. There were several reasons for this:

  • It's hard enough writing for one blog. Imagine writing for two! But the bigger problem was I wasn't coming up with anything original for Groundswell that I wasn't already writing about on my own blog. That's because the topics and the audience are pretty much the same. Doh -- why couldn't I have figured this out sooner?!?
  • Josh is writing great stuff. I think the readers of this blog would really enjoy Josh's insights -- and he will have plenty of them as he is dedicated full-time to research for the book. Also, because some of you read Groundswell blog, it didn't make sense to split the audience and make you have to visit two blogs to read content on the same topics. So we're importing the posts from "Groundswell" and will eventually redirect the URL and feed from Groundswell to this blog.
  • You are a great audience. You have been an invaluable resource -- one that I turn to again and again for input, ideas, and inspiration. In order for this book to be successful, we need you. It was going to be impossible to bring such a great audience to the Groundswell blog -- so we decided to bring Groundswell to you.

As always, please send me or Josh via email your suggestions and thoughts -- we'd love to hear from you.


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