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February 27, 2007

Fireside chats with Internet thinkers

Mitx_fireside_chat by Josh Bernoff

Here are five video conversations with thought leaders in the Boston area, hosted by yours truly. These are a "fireside chat" format -- a coproduction of MITX, a local group that promotes Innovation and Technology activity in Boston, and WBZ-TV, the local CBS channel. (Fair warning, you'll have to wait through a local car ad first.) Just in case you thought all the innovation happened on the West Coast.

Interviews include (I've linked each one to their video below):

"[Companies] are orchestrating a portfolio if you will of interfaces or touch points, which they use to orchestrate interactions to manage relationships with customers and markets."

  • Sarah Fay, President of Isobar, a unit of the big ad agency Aegis that includes Carat Fusion, iProspect, and Molecular.

"When you put yourself out there with your brand in a place where it can be talked about by the consumer it is a brave move. . . .the fact that you’re willing to put yourself front and center and have them participate with you and talk to each other about you shows confidence and shows trust in your customers and your consumers."

"Well it is no longer about loss of control; they [media companies] lost control a long time ago. I and any other fan can do with their media anything [we] want and [in] as publicly a way as we want at the present time. There’s very little they can do to stop us as a group."

"[U]ltimately direct to consumer channels from the big content companies will coexist with secondary distribution through intermediaries. It’s smart business."

"Just for some context Josh, I believe we’re sort of in [Web] 4.0."

I had a blast talking to these people, hope you enjoy the interviews.

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