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January 31, 2007

Real time notes from Demo 2007 (Part 1)

Demo07_sidebar_banner_2By Josh Bernoff

Posts on interesting stuff at Demo (completely subjective definition of "interesting"). . .

Zink Imaging (9:00 am) -- "printing without ink" -- replaces dot matrix ink with treated paper, allowing for a very small photo printer. (Smaller than a pack of cigarettes.) A Polaroid spinoff. This has real potential to unlock all those billions of photos stuck on digital cameras. They are licensing, including licensing it to be included in cameras (an instant-print camera -- it's Polaroid all over again). The key question how much does the paper cost?

Qtech (9:12am) -- "Reqall" -- use your phone as a dictaphone. Leave yourself a message. Can create text transcripts and deliver to you by email.  Needs some tagging features, but could be great for nearly-50-somethings like me who are always forgetting!

Eyejot (9:26am) -- quick and easy record and send video mail. Once recorded, easy to put into email, social network pages (like MySpace), in iTunes, mobile devices. This looks like a winner -- low overhead, slips easily into the matrix of technology that everybody is already using. Look for this to spread rapidly. Go to eyejot.com/join.

[Interstitial insight . . . the pitches at this conference and their acceptance or rejection have an awful lot in common with what I saw on American Idol last night.]

Worklight (10:10am) -- This one surprised me. RSS feeds from your corporate databases. Greatest invention since screen-scraping. Clash of cultures -- Web 2.0 meets your corporate apps. How hard is it reallly to integrate? Worth watching -- corporate America needs a dose of Web 2.0.

Norton Identity Client (10:16am) -- Protect your personal information while transacting online. Audacious attempt to stake a claim on your ID and managing it. How will the commerce sites react -- will they play along? More importantly, will Microsoft eventually crush this with Passport? If anybody can do this, Symantec (parent of Norton) is positioned well to do it.

Quick update after a conversation with these folks. This is better than I thought. First, they'll create a special email address for your interaction with commerce sites -- the email gets forwarded back to you, but this makes it easier to track down spam and its spread, and even cut it off. And second, they'll be bundling this into Norton products, which people subscribe to anyway -- a great way to roll it out and make it popular.

Jaman (10:22am) -- "social cinema" -- These guys prebriefed me. HD player, library of indie and foreign film, and community. Uses P2P technology. A very challenging area to succeed in -- problems include the fact that very few TVs are connected to the Net, and previous entrants like MovieLink, CinemaNow, and Starz Vongo haven't taken off. I'm not convinced the community will take off.

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