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January 31, 2007

Real time Demo 2007 (part 2)

by Josh Bernoff

More notes from Demo07 . . . as they happen.

support.com (2:06pm) -- Order a system tuneup from home. Geek squad without the geeks. As long as your computer is online, they can diagnose it and fix it. What's not to love?

panjea.tv (2:40pm) -- "embeddable personalized video channels" -- can update and publish video streams. Choked during the demo. Clips pulled from YouTube, Google, etc. are sequenced into your own channel. This is an example of a growing phenomenon I'm calling "MySpace furniture" -- Web 2.0 products designed to create objects to put on your MySpace page. Buttons allow people to share, subscribe, embed a channel. Compare to SplashCast below.

ClipSyndicate (2:46pm) -- Syndicating video clips on the Web. Lots of suppliers, including local TV stations (news clips). A crowded space -- Brightcove, NBBC -- this is an idea many have had. Syndication of video will spread video broadly across sites all over the Web.

Magnify.net (2:53pm) -- Build your own TV channel. Type in the keywords, it assembles the video. Searches Google, YouTube, Revver, blip, etc. Community wisdom builds the site even better. Example: yousurftubes, a surfer video site. At weather.com, allows people to submit their own videos and vote on them. www.demotv.magnify.net is the demo channel they built on the fly. What's the business model?

Followup next day: Magnify read the post and explained their busines model -- ads in their sites.

Yodio (3:00pm) -- Put audio and photos together to make a "yodio." Record your own audio on the phone. Then add an image or images to create a "YodioCard" or "YodioCast," including adding description and tags. More MySpace furniture.

ink2 (3:23pm) -- For sites with a collection of graphics -- add a "make a print product" button to your graphics. Then generate a card, poster, etc. and have it mailed to somebody with your personal message. Print cards at www.ink2.com/demo. Nice, quick idea -- and retro, making printed material from the Web.

VUVOX (3:28pm) -- Destined to be a leader in the MySpace furniture space. Combine your photos, audio, videos (from flickr, Youtube, and your hard drive) and the like to create a video "experience" that combines them in creative ways. Goes beyond the normal combinations to create a wide variety of different-looking and attractive formats. Then publish to MySpace or wherever you want. Advertising partners can integrate their messages into these vuvox objects.

Splashcast (3:34) -- These guys prebriefed me, too. Still more MySpace furniture. In this case, they create a player that instead of showing one video, shows whatever video collection is currently being fed into it. That is, a viewer can subscribe to a creator's "channel" which will show whatever text, photos, video, and audio the creator is currently feeding to it. Sort of "podcasting" meets video streaming. I think both this and VUVOX are likely to catch on with the MySpace crowd -- creators get to create with more variety, and collectors get to subscribe to or display that content very easily.

OurStory (3:49pm) -- Create online timeline with photos and stories for your kid, your parent, or whomever you are documenting. Then publish online or as a hardcover book. (SharedBook, which also presented, also allows you to create books from online content.) Add commentary from others online. Also includes ability to create a community around the "story." The encouraging thing about this is that story is a fundamental element of how people communicate -- and one that's not now prevalent on the Web. OurStory tries to fill that gap.

MixPo (3:55pm) -- Still more MySpace furniture. MixCards combining photos that you can drop into your blog or MySpace page. All of a sudden this space is crowded. Just announced distribution deal with Microsoft.

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