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December 06, 2006

My updated contact information

I'm writing this post because it came to my attention that the person who had my previous phone number when our office was in San Francisco was being inundated with phone calls for me. She even mentioned to a reporter trying to reach me that she wondered what kind of "business" I was in to be getting so many phone calls! I gave her a call, apologized profusely, and gave her my current number so that people could correct it in their address books.

So just to clarify, my direct phone number is 650-581-3833 (I'm now based in Foster City, CA). But, by far the best way to reach me is via email at cli@forrester.com. I check email obsessively but only go into voicemail about once a day.

And if you're interested in setting up a briefing, please submit a request at www.forrester.com/briefings. If you email me, I'll just email you back to fill out that form. That information gets captured by our Briefing Central team who can then manage all of the scheduling -- and bonus, they also include other analysts as well. Believe me -- you don't want me to handle scheduling as I'm terrible at it! And for more details on how I like to run briefings, take a look at this post.


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I'm amazed to see that you actually write your direct phone number like that, open and free to anyone. I wouldn't dare doing the same thing, but perhaps people are nice enough not to abuse that information.

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