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December 13, 2006

Forrester podcasts -- now playing

Now available -- Forrester podcasts! These free podcasts focus specifically on interactive marketing and feature and feature a series of interviews with analysts and industry leaders who spoke
at our Consumer Forum in October. Note that we are currently testing this new medium and we're trying to figure out what works, what doesn't. So we'd love to get your feedback on them -- either in the comments below or directly to me. And because this is a trial, there's no way to subscribe to the podcasts. Obviously, if Forrester decides to move forward, we'll be adding that capability.

So if you like what you hear, please tell others about them -- the only way we'll get approval to do more of them is if people like you find them helpful.

Note: All of these podcasts (along with greater detail) are available on one page, at www.forrester.com/podcasts/im.

- Humanizing the Digital Experience: These are interviews with speakers from Forrester's Consumer Forum, which took place in October. It features Forrester travel analyst Henry Harteveldt, Forrester customer experience guru  Harley Manning, Jeff Hicks from Crispin Porter + Bogosky, Roger C. Hochschild, COO of Discover Financial Services, and Michelle Peluso, who runs Travelocity. Length 21:00, file size 9.6 MB mp3

- Social Computing: This is an interview between me and my colleague, Shar VanBoskirk, discussing how social computing is changing marketing.  (As you'll hear Shar say, this was done over the phone from my home office, and fortunately, you can't hear my  frequently punching the "mute" button as I'm coughing my lungs out from my cold). Length: 11:19, file size 5.2MB mp3

- Word of Mouth Marketing: Analyst Peter Kim is joined by Dave Balter from BzzAgent, Jon Berry from Keller Fay Group, Sam Decker from Bazaar voice, and Andy Sernovitz from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Length: 18:12, file size 8.3MB mp3

- Reinventing the Marketing Organization: This is also an interview that took place at the Consumer Forum and features interviews with Jeff Hicks from Crispin, Porter + Bogosky and Jim Skinner, the CEO of McDonald's, as well as our own analyst, Elana Anderson. Length: 13:00, file size 6.0 MB mp3

- The Changing Interactive Marketing Organization: How can interactive marketing teams integrate and work effectively with other marketing functions? Shar VanBoskirk joins Jim Cuene, director of interactive marketing at General Mills, and Lance Thornswood from Target Corporation to discuss this. Length: 18:21, file size: 8.4MB mp3

- Tapping The Power Of Consumer-Generate Media: Analyst Brian Haven is interviewed by Shar VanBoskirk on how marketers can leverage consumer-generated medial. Length: 14:15, file size: 6.5MB mp3

- Mobile Marketing: One more interview from Shar VanBoskirk -- this time she talks with Charles Golvin, our lead consumer mobile analyst on how mobile marketing is finally coming into its own.

And if you're technology interests run in more of the security and risk management vein (or you know someone who might be interested), check out Forrester this podcast series on these topics at www.forrester.com/podcasts/srm. Just don't ask me what they are talking about, as listening to those podcasts was a humbling experience!


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Account Deleted

There a feed?

Charlene Li

Steve: There isn't a feed, which means that these technically aren't podcasts. This is currently a test to see if there's any interest in the format and content. As such, there's no commitment at this point to regular produce these interviews. So it wouldn't have been appropriate to have a feed. (BTW, I noted this in the post).

As you know from your own podcasting experience, it takes considerable time and resources to commit to podcasting. Before jumping in full board, we're experimenting and testing to see first of all if the content and format is interesting to our audience. If we move forward, rest assured, we WILL have a feed!!


I think that this is a good idea, and I look forward to hearing more from you guys (and gals!). I thought it was interesting that after the Social Computing piece, there was a kind of "full terms and conditions" and warnings about "sharing" !

Lauren Vargas

Great! Thank you.

I am driven to research the information referenced in the podcasts.

Chris Brown

Wow! I am loving all these marketing podcasts and plan to carry them with me to the gym to listen to during my workout.

Meanwhile, I'm going to post a link to them on my blog for the other Branding and Marketing professionals who would enjoy hearing them too.



As you know from your own podcasting experience, it takes considerable time and resources to commit to podcasting. Before jumping in full board, we're experimenting and testing to see first of all if the content and format is interesting to our audience. If we move forward, rest assured, we WILL have a feed!!

Steven Connolly

Loved the Social Computing podcast...I know this media (podcasts) is experimental for Forrester, but have you thought about licensing scenarios? If, for example, I wanted to play a clip of this during our marketing meeting, would Forrester license that use and under what terms and conditions? I know the material is copyrighted with all rights reserved, but I'm wondering if you've had thoughts on licensing arrangements, both for clients and for these free podcasts.

Jake McKee

Just a minor point of differentiation... perhaps marketing.

I get that you don't want to create a "podcast" (aka: ongoing "show"). But putting these bits of content into a "podcast" (aka: an easily created collection of files under an RSS collection) would have been immensely helpful. Not only to me the already interested audience member, but to potential audience members.

If these files had been collected into one RSS feed, within less than a minute I could have had all of them on my iPod. Don't like one? Try the next one. Love them all? Email you guys and beg for more.

As it is, I had to individually download those I was interested in (almost all), move them manually into iTunes, create a playlist in order to find them within my (very large) existing library, then delete them manually when I'm done.

Bit of a chicken/egg thing here.... would you have more interest if it was easier or do you wait to make it easier once the interest is there?

Personally, I always try to opt for the first option whenever possible.

Scott Beatty

No Feed is No Sense

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