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December 01, 2006

Forrester media analyst opportunity

Update 12/31/06: Please note that this specific position has been filled. But there are many other analyst positions still open -- for more information, please visit Forrester's Careers page. Thanks!

We're looking for a media analyst -- location can be anywhere in North America (although I have a personal preference that the analyst be based in Foster City with me!!). The focus is on television and other broadcast and video media.

Note that this position will require the ability to analyze consumer data -- there are data specialists on staff to do the heavy data crunching, but you'll need to feel comfortable working the information. One of the best parts of being an analyst at Forrester is access to our Technographics data, which includes an annual survey of 70,000 North American households. It's a motherlode of data about media use and technology adoption. I have to admit, every time one of the surveys come back, I get giddy with excitement (yes, I'm a data junkie).

If you'd like to know more about the position or have any questions, please email me. Disclosure: I receive a bonus for referrals that are hired.

Senior Analyst, Television,
Entertainment, & Media


The Senior Analyst conducts groundbreaking primary and secondary research in support of Forrester Research’s products primarily targeted at strategy executives, technology marketers, and market research executives in media and entertainment companies. The Senior Analyst will write, speak, and advise sellers of media services and content at the executive levels on challenges and opportunities — both from the demand and supply side of the industry.  
This position requires significant thought leadership to define the future of the adoption of television technologies like VOD and DVRs, cable and satellite services, and emerging media like online video. The Senior Analyst will analyze markets surrounding the television and online video industries — and the technologies that enable them such as content delivery networks (CDN), video search, and streaming media players and formats: in particular, providing the data and insights that will help market researchers do their job better. The role will require analysis of consumer data and strategic thought in how these changing markets influence consumer behavior, change business models, and impact the overall industry. Key to this role is the ability to engage at very senior levels and have a large impact on all types of clients across many areas of the TV, cable, and entertainment industry.


Seniors Analysts work as part of a small, high-performance team and collaborate with team members in all aspects of the job. He or she will:

· Define the future of the media industry for strategy executives by predicting the impact of emerging technologies like HDTV, video on-demand, and DVRs on communication supplier business models.

· Analyze consumer adoption of new technologies to help marketers and product managers understand the best course of action for success. This will leverage Forrester’s rich consumer survey data. The analyst will provide insights and research for tech marketers at networks, service providers, and cable operators — highlighting key trends, opportunities, and challenges.

· Write research on differentiating technology for the changing media industry to help product and technology marketers understand the necessary technology to deliver new media like Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and streaming media players.

· Consult with clients.  Help strategy execs and marketers at networks, cable, and telecom providers identify which technologies matter — and what steps to take today to drive revenue growth and operate more efficiently. Apply Forrester’s research in the context of their specific business environment and help solve their problems. Lead and contribute to custom consulting projects for these clients, including custom consumer research.

· Predict the impact of new technologies on marketers’ internal processes, technologies, product development, marketing, channels, sales, and alliances.

· Meet frequently with leading suppliers to understand and critique their strategy, products, and execution.

· Establish an industry presence as an influential speaker and thinker. Build influence with the press and media.

· Take a leadership role with the team on identifying research areas to focus on and improved ways to be more relevant to Forrester clients.

· Work collaboratively with other analysts on topics such as the digital home, future of online media, and music.


Forrester is looking for people who are inspired and inspiring. Our product is our intellectual capital, so we welcome and reward intellectual excellence, curiosity, and sophisticated thinking and look for:  

· Six or more years of experience in the media industry. The ideal candidate will have one or more of the following: 1) industry background with a cable, or satellite company in strategy or technology; 2) industry background in a TV content or TV network business in strategy, technology, or business development; 3) experience analyzing media industry trends with as a market researcher or a consultant; or 4) experience working for a vendor that serves the television industry.

· Strong background in consumer technologies, like HDTV, DVR, CDN, and online media formats.

· Strong quantitative data experience — understanding of segmentation and ability to work with data to spot and analyze trends. Experience with tools like SPSS would be a plus.

· A strong team player that leverages the strength of other analysts in technology and experience. The role is part business development and subsequently must let clients know the breadth and depth of Forrester analysts and not just be a “one-person show.”.

· Deep intellectual curiosity about the future of media and entertainment. Solid business instincts and a practical understanding of what makes companies tick. A creative view of markets and technologies combined with a fascination with the future. Senior Analysts are expected to take complex ideas and distill them into simple, provocative concepts — and they should be willing to take a stand on winning and losing firms, products, and business models.

· Strong academic record of achievement — an M.S. or M.B.A degree or equivalent experience is preferred

· Excellent verbal, writing, and presentation skills.

· Willingness to travel 20% to 30% of the time.

 Forrester is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing a work environment free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment.


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