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October 03, 2006

Verizon's new policy blog launches

Verizon quietly launched its new telecomm & telecommunications policy blog yesterday. The focus is on policy issues, and Tom Tauke, Executive VP of Public Affairs, Policy and Communications, writes:

The intent of PoliBlog is to present perspectives on issues of importance that intersect public policy, politics, markets, and business in the broadband world...It’s my hope that PoliBlog will be most focused on the emerging issues that policy makers and consumers and businesses must start dealing with now to ensure the future of converged communications and broadband deployment. Those issues include privacy and security, data rights management and intellectual property protection, and access to broadband networks. And there are whole new perspectives and opportunities that the widespread deployment of broadband will bring to other important challenges facing our society, including the delivery of health care, education, and government services. None of these topics are out of bounds on PoliBlog.

I thought this was quite smart of Verizon -- to start blogging in an area where it has a clear position on a topic, and where there will be plenty of discussion and engagement. It remains to be seen how the blog will shape up, as there are initially nine bloggers on the profile page.

I'm sure product-oriented blogs will be forthcoming (or at least, they should) but getting started in a relatively "safe" area where customer service and satisfaction is less of an issue is a wise.

So welcome Verizon to the blogosphere and I hope you'll prove to be a good example for your fellow corporate counterparts.

Aside: I can't resist adding Verizon Wireless's famous tagline, "Can you hear me?" Well, yes, Verizon can hear us now -- and even better, they are listening.


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