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September 03, 2006

Meet up in Tokyo

I’ll be traveling to Tokyo in early September and I’d like to meet a few of my blog readers at a Forrester-hosted cocktail gatering in Tokyo. It will take place on Tuesday, September 12th from 6-8pm near Forrester’s Tokyo office, which is near the Marunouchi Hotel.

This is my first time in Tokyo and I’m eager to learn more about how companies and consumers are using search, blogs, and social networking, and general media sites. I’ll be giving a short introduction of my current research on the different adoption rates of social computing by consumers, but most of the time will be spent in informal networking.

Also, Forrester is hiring analysts in Japan – there’s a current opening for a Telecom & Networks Analyst and more openings will be coming. So if you have ever been curious about what it would be like to work for Forrester, please let me know, or even better, come next Tuesday!

If you are interested in attending, please send an email to RSVP to Mako Kosuge at mkosuge@forrester.com as soon as possible as we have limited space available for attendees. Mako will send you specifics on the location in a confirmation email.


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hi Charlene -

hope you enjoy tokyo & japan, it's a blast (my wife's a nihonjin, & her family still lives there). too bad the Tsukiji fish market tuna auction (http://500hats.typepad.com/500blogs/2004/09/last_weekend_i_.html) isn't open to tourists anymore, or i would definitely recommend that. if you're taking your daughter with you, i'd recommend the Odaiba ferris wheel, the Science Center, the Toyoto Mega Web, or the Odaiba aquarium (see links in post).

for business connections, you might ping Gen Kanai (http://www.kanai.net/weblog/) and see if he's around for coffee... i hooked up with him this spring when we went back, and we really enjoyed hanging out.

Gen is a compadre of Joi Ito, and he's definitely someone who's got his finger on the pulse over there. he also helped make a few intros to some other interesting folks, like Nobiyuki Hayashi (http://nobi.com/nobilog/) and several others.

hope you enjoy the trip, and look forward to catching up sometime when you're back in town!

- dave mcclure

Chang Kim

Aren't you dropping by Korea by any chance?

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