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June 30, 2006

Recruitment blogs - a no-brainer

One of the most powerful things about blogs is that they put a "human face" on companies. But with that more personal voice comes a lot of perceived risk -- I've found that many companies just are not comfortable giving employees or even executives the power to publish. Some companies, especially those in highly regulated industries like financial services or pharmaceuticals, have very real needs to control what information is provided by the company. 

But there's one area that I think is a no-brainer and a greater starting point for companies interested in blogging -- and that's in recruitment.  Think about it -- when else would it as important to show the “human face” of a company as when you're trying to convince someone to come and work for you?

Microsoft has been a pioneer this area -- their Jobsblog discusses technical jobs at Microsoft. There's also a blogroll of other recruiter blogs at the bottom of the right rail. And one of my favorite examples of a job-related post is actually on Microsoft’s Channel 9 video blog, where the ‘Softies conduct a mock interview showing what it’s like to interview for a technical position. And be sure to check on the comments to that video, where developers chime in how what they would have solved the problem!

One key question that I get is how a recruitment blog would differ from the static pages available on most “About Us” sections of corporate Web sites. Think about it as being able to quickly and easily update those Web pages with more personal stories, and most importantly, to market those hard-to-fill positions. Some ways for recruiters to use blogs include interviewing the hiring manager for a hard-to-fill position or providing tours of the campus, cafeteria, or of employees themselves.

I’m always looking for examples, so if you know of any companies that are using blogs as a recruitment tool, please add it as a comment below or email me.


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vinnie mirchandani

many recruiters savaged Scoble when he recently disclosed that he would not send a recruiter a traditional resume - that his blog and other activities provided far more transparency...it cannot just be one way - recruiters trying to "social network" but not expecting that of recruits

daniela barbosa

Excellent idea- please do post if you find examples outside of the Tech world.

The next time a position in my region that directly affects me is posted, i am going to ask HR if it would be ok to blog about it on my blog.

Recruitment blogs are a great idea because having someone that loves their job and the company they work for actually blog about their successes, challenges etc. would be a great way to recruit- especially when recruiting to team environments that those blogging would have direct benefit from.

I think it would benefit both sides- employee and employer.

Andrew S Brown

Hi Charlene, just moved to your blog from Erica's, we just set up a people blog at PwC, it's at:


Matt Evans (UK) is the chap if you're interested in having a chat about it, our other blog is also having great success, it's at:





Skype has a recruitment blog at http://jobs.skype.com/jobsblog.html and a more general life at Skype-blog at http://share.skype.com/sites/en/life_at_skype, both of which I think work well.


great analysis

Glenn Gutmacher

Charlene, I'm one of those "other recruiter blogs at the bottom of the right rail" on Microsoft's JobsBlog. I shared many points about Microsoft's reasons for blogging from a recruiting perspective in my presentation to the "Beyond Blogs and Social Networks" conference chaired by David Teten last December. The notes for all sessions are on his blog (http://www.thevirtualhandshake.com/blog/2005/12/02/wrapupsummary-of-virtual-handshake-conference); happy to send you my PPT upon request. Another presentation about corporate blogging that impressed me, though it was only partly recruiting-focused, was Mike Wing's of IBM. I've got that big PPT deck, too.

Mariel Reynolds

Hello Charlene,

I'm the HR manager for Talent Zoo, a national communications industry recruiting firm. In TZJ I write about things that happen at our office on a day to day basis. We feel that this blog shows our unusual corporate culture to prospective employees, and also helps with retention because I try to get the staff involved whenever possible.

C.M. Russell

Hi Charlene, great post. I'm actually search for recruiting blogs also...looking to add to my new recruiter blog directory...


Pass along if you know anyone.

Fiona Torrance

Hi Charlene,

I have tried to contact you via email and will try again on your blog -

Could I profile you on Biz Blog Review - http://www.bizblogreview.com?

Although I have asked you questions in my email relating to blog ROI, it would be interesting to know your thoughts on being one of the few female 'executive' bloggers out there.

As an intern this past semester, I worked for iMediaConnection Inc. where I wrote two articles about Forrester Research resports published on the iMediaConnection website.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Fiona Torrance
USC Marshall School of Business

Alex Bukinis

very good reasoning behing pro cons why blogging develops fast in one sectors of business an seems to be competely neglected in others... well it is not about neglegence, company that on market shares do not want their employees to discuss anything in ublic since it will direcly affect their stock proces, just think about if microsoft's employees will discuss the redandant process and burocracies in the company and say of how many are there usesless employees collecting fat checks - prices for stocks will drop. or if employees start discussing the lastest on technology with the strong and week points ..... company will go belly up soon after.

So while blogs a ital for marketing it is simply not for everybody , it is true , companies signing a non-disclosure agreements with their employes to protect their internal assets and know how , and operational expertise, specifically for this information never to be disclosed. Or competitors will just emulate the subject of interest in those blog and all secrets of development will freely go out of the compny. It is a very interesting subject matter.

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