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April 10, 2006

Upcoming Forrester events on blogging

I’ll be leading two upcoming Forrester events on blogging in the next month, a Webinar on Monday, April 24th and a boot camp in Cambridge, MA on Thursday, May 11th. Details are below for both events.

So in a shameless plug for these events, I hope you’ll tell others whom you believe would benefit from the events – or even attend them yourself! I’d also love feedback on how what you think these events should cover, or how they could be improved.

Blogging Webinar, April 24th, 1-2 pm EST. This one hour Webinar will address the following questions, and will also leave plenty of time for questions from the audience.

·          How are companies using blogs today, both for internal collaboration as well as for external marketing?

·          What best practices should companies be following?

·          How should companies get started?

·          How should companies measure the impact of blogs?

Blogging Fundamentals: Building A Business Strategy Boot Camp, Thursday, May 11th, Cambridge, MA. This full-day, hands-on session will take a deep dive into blogging for business. It will focus on the fundamentals of blogging from a corporate perspective, helping companies develop a blog strategy and implementation plan, including discussion of policy, technology, and process. It will have a heavy focus on hands-on exercises that will complement in-depth presentations on these issues. We intentionally keep these boot camps small so that we can discuss specific issues from each participant.

Attendees will:

·          Understand the current state of the blogosphere from corporate and consumer perspectives.

·          Build sound, consistent business cases for blogs within your organization.

·          Learn how to set up and manage a blog.

·          Identify the top blogging vendors.

·          Craft the elements of a corporate blogging policy.

A full agenda is also available.


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Serge Lescouarnec


Will you have any event in the New York- New Jersey area in the coming months?

Have a good day


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