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January 09, 2006

Social search panel with SDForum, Tues. Jan. 10th

By Charlene Li

I'll be moderating a panel at a SDForum Search SIG meeting this Tuesday (yes, tomorrow) on social search. This is a favorite topic of mine as it represents the intersection of two of my research areas, seach and social computing. I think it's also an important battleground in the next phase of search, especially because companies like Yahoo! and Microsoft are eons ahead of Google in terms of personalization and established relationships with consumers.

I hope you'll be able to join me and a very interesting panel as we explore how social search is transforming the user experience. Personally, I've been using all of the services from our panelists -- Del.icio.us, Digg, Kaboodle, and Wink -- and recently purchased a laptop sleeve (after weeks of online shopping) thanks to a tag on Wink. 

Aside: After his CES keynote, I asked Larry Page how Google felt about personalization -- it seems there's a love/hate relationship in the way Google uses registration and cookies -- they know it's necessary to provide a personalized experience but make it pretty cumbersome to do so. Larry gave a typical Google non-answer, but acknowledged that Yahoo! and Microsoft were significant competitors in this area (they have a bit of a head start).

SDForum Search SIG - Search Different: Tagging, Social Bookmarking and Sharing - Jan 10th @ Yahoo - Featuring Del.icio.us, Digg, Kaboodle & Wink

The session will focus on “alternate” search mechanisms that have been developed over the past 12 months such as bookmarking, tagging, rating, sharing and any combination thereof – generally in a social context. These concepts have grown to being at the core of many Web 2.0 companies, and offer a different way of finding or discovering “stuff” online – as a complement or alternative to traditional search engines.

As usual with Search SIG events, we will have a panel moderated by the host of the session, followed by demonstrations from presenting companies. Our host for the event will be Charlene Li, from Forrester Research and will be joined by 4 founders of exciting startups:

This session will take place on Tue Jan 10th at Yahoo’s HQ (701 First Avenue, Building C, Room 4&5 in Sunnyvale, CA), and will promptly start at 7:15PM (registration from 6:45PM on).

As to the agenda:

6:45-7:15pm - Registration / Food & Drink
7:15–7:20pm - A few words about the Search SIG
7:20-8:20pm - Act I: State of the Art of “Searching Different” through a panel discussion led by our moderator, Charlene Li
8:20-8:30pm - Intermission: Search Networking & Geeking Out
8:30-9:00pm - Act II: Product Demos from Del.icio.us, Digg, Kaboodle and Wink – and Q&A with the audience
9:00-9:15pm - Open Mike Geek: Announcements (30 seconds of fame & fortune)
9:16pm - You Don’t Have To Go Home, But You Can’t Stay Here

Attendance is free for SDForum members, and charge is $15 for non-members – paid at the door. You can register for the event on the SDForum website, where you will also find the latest information about the session.


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Charlene... you look much leaner in person than the photo you have on your blog. :-)

Good job moderating during the SDForum SIG meeting today.


charlene, thanks for the heads-up about the event, and for humoring my comments on the joys of this tag landscape we've engineered for ourselves. as always, your passion and intelligence in this domain shines through, i'll drive to sunnyvale for any gig you do ;)


thanks for doing a terrific job moderating the Search SIG event Charlene -- you were great :)

btw, thomas hawk snapped a nice photo of you here:

there are more photos and info from the event on our searchsig blog, and we'll also be posting the podcast sometime soon:

- dave mcclure


Can't seem to click on the SD Forum site--it just gives a message that cookies must be enabled, and even after I change my moderate privacy settings to accept all cookies, it still does not permit entry...

Is there an alternate site?


Hi! I was sorry to have missed the event. Have you (or anyone) written up anything about it?

Kyle Summers

Hi Charlene I read what you mentioned regarding Yahoo having better communication and personalization regarding their programs. Well for me it has not been so. I have a blog here http://yahooanswers.blogspot.com/ which I have been running Yahoo! Publisher ads on and for 3 months I haven't been paid a dime yet. Essentially Yahoo! owes me close to 2000 dollars at this time and I have yet to see a dime because of one address mixup at the start of the program. The communication has been terrible they won't even credit my Overture account quickly with it so I can move on. Google is no better as I have had problems with both these affiliates.

I thought I would mention this since I believe that in order to succeed in business you must have word of mouth advertising. Its just too easy to hide behind a supposed "system" of doing things and have more communication with your customers or affiliates.

As well I can prove that a system is in place.

The public just isn't getting what it should when it comes to pay per click.

Sincerely, Kyle Summers

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