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November 30, 2005

New Forrester blog launched on Devices & Media

By Charlene Li

Bernoff Schadler_1 I bid a fond welcome to my two colleagues, Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler, as they enter the blogosphere. Their new blog, Devices, Media, And The Future Of Everything, will be available at blogs.forrester.com/devicesmedia. As you can see from the title, they have high ambitions, but having worked with these guys for a long time, I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.

Josh has long covered the media space, with a focus on television, video, cable, and music. I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Josh over the past (almost) seven years and he continues to amaze and inspire me with his insights. And Ted has just about the coolest coverage space at Forrester – he covers consumer technology and adoption, ranging from broadband to consumer electronics, photo, and digital music. And yes, he gets his hands on just about every gadget you can imagine!

But what I’m really excited about is that they are doing this blog together. These are arguably two of the sharpest people at Forrester and they are NOT shy about their opinions. I’m expecting them to sometimes disagree and take issue with each other, but more than anything, I’m looking forward to them building on each others’ thoughts in a public space. One of the reasons why I love working at Forrester is that I’m blessed every day with the collective brain power of smart, collaborative people. And I think you’ll be seeing that great collaborative process play out on their blog.

Blog on gentlemen!


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Nathan Gilliatt

Now that Forrester has more than one blogger (and the more the merrier, certainly), you might want to look at putting a blog directory at the top level of blogs.forrester.com. It'll cost you top billing but do a better job of promoting the new blogs. Not that I'll see it much in my RSS reader...

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