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November 07, 2005

Entertainmentanytime.com viral campaign

By Charlene Li

I just got pinged about this new stealth viral campaign, www.entertainmentanytime.com. I hadn't seen it before and it's not clear who's behind it. It says that there will be more options on November 14th. One hint is that it appeared to originate on an Organic blog and mentions that it's from the "home team". Anyone with more information, please ping me!

Just be sure to do more than use the arrow keys -- letters, space (for brakes), and zig-zag back and forth. You'll be rewarded with even more content. Very Subservient Chicken-esque.


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I thought it might be a scrambled hint, but not enough vowels...

John Cromartie

It's for Sprint. Check out http://www.entertainmentanytime.com/js/s_code_remote.js

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