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August 20, 2005

Going on vacation – coverage will continue with Jim Nail and Shar VanBoskirk

By Charlene Li

Some of you may have been wondering if I’ve been on vacation for the past week or so because I haven’t been posting regularly. It’s actually just the opposite – I’ve been getting ready for a long vacation and it’s just been crazy busy trying to get everything done. There’s a flurry of posts today – a big backload of stuff that I’ve been carrying around in my draft folder but haven’t been stationary long enough to post. I’m hoping that it will make up to some extent for the dearth of content the past few weeks.

I’ll be out until after Labor Day (gasp, yes, a two week vacation!). But I’m leaving you in the very capable hands of my colleagues, Jim Nail and Shar VanBoskirk, who will be posting in my absence. You’ve already heard from Jim in the past and he’s been doing some interesting research on viral marketing. And I work closely with Shar on online advertising and search issues – she co-authored our latest ad sizing report, and runs our search marketing boot camps with me. 

So please welcome Jim and Shar and provide them with lots of feedback as is appropriate!


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Jeff Clavier

Have a relaxing holiday, Charlene. See you soon.

Nicholas Brown

Hi, I always keep up-to-date with your blog, very informative, but the last two entries have come out with the links included as HTML in the RSS and not just a text link as usual. Any chance of fixing it. Good blog. Cheers. Nicholas.


Public relations in the blogosphere seems to operate under a new set of rules than traditional PR. With traditional PR you hire a PR firm that has relationships with various journalists and media. With the new PR, you start your own blog (assuming of course you have something worthwhile to say) and you work to become one of the blogging elite. The goal is to get the more influential bloggers to notice you and blog about you. You wouldn’t just leave this to chance; you’d help the process along. If, for example, you want to catch Scoble’s eye, then you would say something interesting that somehow relates to Scoble and work in a mention of his name.

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