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May 31, 2005

Support this blog with your vote!

By Charlene Li

This is as shameless as I can get -- this blog was recently selected as a finalist in Marketing Sherpa's 2005 Reader's Choice Awards, in the online marketing category. I'm not sure what criteria were used to screen out finalists, but I'm pleased just to be in the field!

So if you enjoy reading this blog and would like to show your support, please take a minute and submit your vote. Voting ends Wednesday, June 8th, 2005.

And if you REALLY enjoy this blog, tell your friends and colleagues and get them to vote too! This is a straight popularity vote -- most votes wins. (Sorry, you can't vote multiple times - or so the survey claims!)


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You got my vote :)

Jeremy Pepper

Now, am I supposed to say "I'll vote for you, if you vote for me," or is that too seventh grade?

I voted as soon as I found out I was nominated, but I voted that you change the photo again.

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