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May 11, 2005

Supernova pre-pre-party: Rocking like it's 1999.

By Charlene Li

Supernova I just came back from a great networking dinner hosted by Kevin Werbach as a pre-pre Supernova get-together. You can see a preliminary guest list – there were well over 150 people at the confab.

The evening had a certain 1999-esque flair but with a big difference – we each had to pony up $20 for the Thai food (which by the way, was very tasty!). And it was a cash bar!

But it was worth every cent – I mentioned to Kevin that I got more done in a few hours than I usually do in a couple of days! To which Marc Cantor replied, “That’s what networking is for.”

A couple of highlights – at least the ones that I’m allowed to talk about (one of the highlights of the evening was hearing about all of the stealth developments going on…it’s going to be an interesting couple of months).

- I met several of my BlogHer Conference advisory board members for the first time. It was like a reunion – we’ve all been communicating online it was great to finally meet each other.

-  Learning more about how to actually create podcasts. One of my tablemates was Steve Sloan, who has the interesting job of teaching the professors at San Jose State University how to use new technologies like podcasts. They’ve been podcasting there since last fall – everything from supporting “how to” tutorials that support the class curriculum to actual lectures.

- Speaking of podcasting, I ran into Deborah Schultz and Ian Kennedy from Six Apart and had only one, simple request – enable podcasting on Typepad. They already provide hosting services for Movable Type installations – it seems like it would be a fairly simple task to open up those servers to Typepad users. And I would pay for the service, just to make it easy (and I suspect many other wanna-be podcasters feel the same way). They both promised to look into it.

- I also ran into Stuart Henshall, who is the editor of Skype Journal. Now here is an example of a blogging business model. The blog is maintained by a team of writers, has ads from Google, and also points users to all things Skype (equipment software). But Stuart told me that a growing part of his business is working with companies grappling with how to think about Skype – what the impact will be, if they should use it, and if so, how to deploy it. So using the blog to demonstrate thought leadership and then hiring oneself out. Very cool model.

- The best part was running into people like Tony Gentile and Jeff Clavier who are regular readers of this blog. I know people read this blog – I can see the stats. But it’s just a really cool feeling when I can put a name and face to a reader, especially those who have commented on the posts.

So it was a very fun, enjoyable evening and I expect that Kevin is planning another party – after all this was billed as the “pre-pre-Supernova” party. Can’t wait! And I expect that the Syndicate Conference next week will be very similar as about a quarter of the same people will be there.


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Elisa Camahort

It was great to meet you F2F last night...and your brave husband :)

Ian Kennedy

Great to finally meet you last night. We hear you loud and clear on the Podcasting front as we've heard from other Typepad users. In the meantime, if you want to include Podcast enclosures into your RSS feed, be sure to check out Feedburner's Smartcast service which can splice these sound files into your feed.

The link below give you an overview,




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