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May 10, 2005

Going to Syndicate?

By Charlene Li

I'll be at the Syndicate Conference all day Wednesday, May 18th, speaking on a luncheon panel on "Future Scenarios for RSS". Here's a quick summary:

"With the adaptability of RSS for a variety of businesses and the future of content, the future scenarios of RSS are limitless. Whether it is the publishing world finding new revenue models, or advertising, marketing and public relations finding a new way to reach the core audience, RSS is the delivery vehicle for the Web 2.0, at the heart of this next phase of the Internet. RSS is the push-pull technology at the heart of new forms of media.

The panel will discuss the changing world of content from various perspectives, and how the delivery of content is as important as the content."

If you're going to Syndicate and would like to meet up, drop me an email and we'll try to coordinate. Also, let's plan to meet upstairs in the Broadway Lounge after the end of the last session on Wednesday -- I suspect that we'll want to continue the conversation for just a while longer. I'll post again if this changes. Looking forward to seeing you!

Update: The best laid plans... I just found out, literally seconds after posting this, that there's going to be a Sydnicate Conference advisory board meeting right after Doc Searls' keynote. So the drinks won't be happening (at least, not at that time). But do let me know if you'd like to meet -- I really enjoyed meeting readers at AD:TECH and look forward to seeing more of you in person!


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Gary Potter

I can't make it to Syndicate - If you can publish a list of those blogging the conference I'd sure appreciate it as I'm sure others would also.

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