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April 21, 2005

Tit for tat search PR

By Charlene Li

Google’s launch of My Search History brought at least interesting response – from Yahoo’s PR firm, Fleishman. Here’s an excerpt from the email:

Given Google’s personal search announcement today, we wanted to provide you with some context on what we’ve been working on at Yahoo!                                                                                          

Since the launch of Yahoo!'s personal search beta in Yahoo! Next last October - (http://mysearch.yahoo.com), we have learned what our users find most useful -- the ability to manage and save the pages they find most valuable, building a personal web. It’s about saving what you want, not everything you’ve ever searched (think about trying to search a week’s worth of search results).

I really and truly do appreciate everything that Yahoo!’s personal search is doing – but I think a key difference between Yahoo! and Google is this little word, “manage”. With Yahoo!, the user has to actively save things to “My Web”, where as Google, it’s as simple as making sure you’re always signed in. While there are benefits to saving and organizing everything, if there’s one thing desktop search has taught me, it’s a lot easier to just search for it when you need it. The power of Yahoo!’s My Web implementation is search – that I can search my personal universe of browsed sites. Google already does that with its desktop search program – by default, searching the Web history files gives the same results.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Yahoo! has in the works – from the email, it sounds like we can expect some forthcoming announcements in this area.


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