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April 22, 2005

Pending Yahoo! personalized search announcement

By Charlene Li

I wrote a few days ago about an email I recevied from Yahoo! about improvements to their personalized search offering. I had a briefing with Yahoo! on Thursday, and although I'm under embargo from discussing any of the details, I've been told "if you want to say that Yahoo! has something coming in personalized search that expands on My Yahoo! Search beta which was released in October of 2004, please do so."

So I'm doing this and feeling a bit of a tool being used by the Yahoo! PR team. But not so much, that I thought it was worth passing the heads-up to you. I'll have more details next week when the embargo lists. Suffice it to say for now that my previous post is fairly accurate in describing the different approaches Google and Yahoo! are taking to personalized search.

So now, I'm wondering when Ask Jeeves and A9.com will come out with improvements to their personalized search offerings. Stay tuned!


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Gary Potter

Thanks for the full post via RSS.

Duncan Chapple

I do think that Charlene's been put in an interesting position by her PR friends. I think it's self-evident that any firm that has a Beta release is working towards expanding on the functionality. What Fleishman Hillard have been able to do is not only to get Charlene to spotlight that totally unexpectional fact, as if it were special, but also to use this as a basis for their own PR (http://tinyurl.com/cnbzx). They are claiming that this interaction is a case study in using blogs for analyst relations. From my perspective, as a former analyst, it's the subversion and commodification of their analyst relationships, on Yahoo's dime, to publicize a public relations agency.

Kevin Dugan

Duncan - I take issue with your assumptions. My post on this came from my own observations as an avid reader of Charlene's blog. I am not affiliated with any agency, and I was never contacted by anyone about this, much less pitched.

So as it relates to claims and being put into an awkward position, I fear that I am the sole person to blame in this case.

Charlene Li

Kevin: Thanks very much for clarifying this, especially to the fact that you were not pitched directly. For the record, I don't feel that Fleishman and Yahoo! took advantage of the relationship they have with me -- as you mention in your piece, they have done a great job developing a strong working relationship, as have Google, MSN, AOL, and Ask Jeeves. In the end, it's my job as an analyst to figure out what's worth writing about -- or not.

Courtney Gidts

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