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April 12, 2005

Announcing BlogHer.com

By Charlene Li

It's official -- Blogher.com Blogher.org, a conference focused on women blogging, will take place on July 30th in Santa Clara, CA. I wrote about it just a few short weeks ago and have been providing some advice to one of the organizers, Lisa Stone (disclosure: I'm on the advisory board for Blogher.com)

In my original post, I threw out a challenge -- name five women bloggers. If you take a look at the comments from that post, you'll see plenty of great examples. The mission of Blogher.com is to extend the network of these women, specifically to provide:

  • Exposure for women bloggers
  • Education for women bloggers
  • Community for women bloggers

Cost is $99, $22 for students, and there are also scholarships available for committed souls who are willing to blog in detail the sessions.

So, curious minds want to know. Are you going to be there? Add you comments below!


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Tony Gentile

Charlene, I believe it's .org... site you're currently pointing to is a squatter site.

Cya there! :)


blogher.org has a dead link also.

Kay Stoner

Well, I'm a blogger and I'm female, but I won't be flying to sunny CA for a conference about what it means to be me. Think I'll stay home and blog ;p

For those who covet links (note all the flurry of talk about link envy that's been clogging blogs lately), I've set up a blog at http://linkconspiracy.blogspot.com/ with lots of space for comments so people who want to get-and-give links can put their info out there for all to see. I probably should have called it "linkslut", versus "linkconspiracy", but I wanted to make it past even the most puritanical of filters ;)

If it's links we need, if it's visibility we need, let's make it so. Let's make some noise.

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