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April 22, 2005

AD:TECH attendees -- let's meet up!

By Charlene Li

I'll be spending Monday, April 25th at AD:TECH -- I thought I'd share my schedule in case you happened to be around and wanted to meet up. I'm pretty easy to spot -- I'll be the short, Asian woman carrying a large red tote bag.

8am-9am: Contextual Advertising session with Google, Salon 4
9am-10am: Wandering around the Exhibit hall. I'll be moblogging from the floor anything that looks interesting.
10am-10:30am: Meeting
10:30-11:45am In the Exhibit hall again.
11:45am-12:45pm: Meet The Market Makers, by invitation only
12:45-1:45pm: Gobble down lunch. 2pm-5pm: Moderating two RSS panels, Conference Room 5. The panel will be over at 4:30pm -- come meet me in the room after the panel (there's no planned meeting in that room afterwards)
5pm-6:30pm: Reception, in the Exhibit Hall.

If you'd like to meet up during lunch or while I'm touring the exhibit hall, please send a short email to charlenehli@gmail.com charleneemail-adtech@yahoo.com on Monday (it will automatically forward to my cell). Include your cell # and we'll try to coordinate a quick meet and greet.


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