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March 29, 2005

Yahoo! 360: A great start

By Charlene Li

I’ve been playing with Y! 360 for a few hours and have to report that it’s a great start for the service. The profile is your standard social networking-like profile – you fill out basics like the movies and books that you like. You can see my 360 page here.

The blogging tool is also very basic. You can upload one photo (no files) and there’s a WYSIWYG editor. There are a few glitches and while it lacks many of the bells and whistles I’m used to on my Typepad blog, it gets the job done.

What was interesting is that I started seeing bits and pieces beginning to integrate from the Yahoo! network. I could easily upload photos from Yahoo! Photos, my groups were integrated in, and even reviews I did showed up.

What was really fun (OK, not so fun) was sending out invites to all of the people who had requested them (sorry, I’m out of them so far – turns out you only get 100). I noted something interesting there – a preponderance of gmail.com addresses. So I counted and this is what I got: 22% of requesters had Gmail accounts, 18% had a Yahoo! email address, and 3% had hotmail.com domains. Interestingly, there was one person with a Yahoo! email and MSN Spaces personal Web site – I have a feeling he/she will be changing that URL soon!

So kudos to Yahoo! for pulling it off. In my past conversations with various blogging and social networking players, many said that they were safe from portal entry because "large companies can't innovate". Well, MSN Spaces and Yahoo! 360 are proving them wrong -- while it's just a start, these services have the loyal base of users to build a large group of users very quickly...even if they aren't as sophisticated and innovative in their offerings right now.

By all means, keep adding your comments and thoughts about the Yahoo service, especially as it compares to other blogging and social networking competitors.


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Can someone who was invited by Charleni, invite me?


Ditto what Ajay said above, that is, could someone who Charlene invited possibly please invite me?


Thank you


I also really want to test Yahoo! 360.
Could someone also send me an invitation as well?
I do appreciate your help.


Sorry, I forgot to say that my email is smallsun@gmail.com

Fedya Bagnenko

I would appreciate it really much if someone could send me an invitation. Thank you in advance!


I guess I should have checked my inbox before I posted earlier. Xie Xie Ni Charlene :)

I just sent invites to Ajay, Hsu and Fedya


Thanks a lot Ozzie :). I appreciate it.


OzMan....I got it.
U are really nice and thank u.

Best regards,


Stumbled here when surfing for more info on Yahoo 360.

"The blogging tool is also very basic. You can upload one photo (no files) and there’s a WYSIWYG editor." -> no reason to be basic since Yahoo Korea has been offering blog hosting for more than a year now. Even Flash media files and multimedia URLs can be posted there.

Would love to get an invite too, if you can spare one.



hey ppl having 360's invites.. can i be a member?


Can someone who was invited me?


Hi, can one of you give me an invite? I would like to try the new Yahoo 360. Thank You,

huimk at yahoo.com



Enjoy your blog. Thanks for the sneak peek of Yahoo! 360. Just wanted to give you a heads up that your age is showing under your picture on the home page. Don't worry I won't tell anyone:)


Hate to be a leech, but I'm curious to test this out. An invite would be much appreciated if anyone has one to spare. tjd@slowriot.org


if it isnt any trouble could someone invite me so that i can try out yahoo 360 i would grately appreciate it


Here is my e-mail its dusty_faer1e_wings@yahoo.com i forgot to add it sorry

David W. Quinn

If you need some help sending out, let me know. I noticed we get our invites back once somebody accepts them. So if you send out 10, once they accept them then you get 10 back.


if you happen to have an extra invite, it would be rad if you sent it my way! matikonesta@gmail.com

Alejandro Ojeda

I really wish to test this new service. If you have invites, please, invited me. Thank's.


Also,i want get one..
My mail is :siyizhu@msn.com


Charlene, thanks for the great introduction to Yahoo 360. I can't wait to take it for a test drive if anyone has a spare invite.


I could be the second person in your test group with the Yahoo email and MSN Space.

Alan Smythie

If someone could send an invite my way, that would be great.

asmythie ureach com


Michael Cohen

Thanks for this look Charlene. I would have expected Yahoo! to actually allow more bloggers to beta test but I guess that's why we look to Opinion Shapers like yourself to keep us in the loop. I will definately be pointing readers of my site to this article and your previous one. Keep up the good work!


Thx to Ozman, I've tested and set up

I'm kind of disappointed; really don't see why the existing features of Yahoo Korea Blog were not incorporated into Yahoo 360.

Those who knowing HTML codes (not me) would be able to post more than text writing.

Zhang Wei

Thank you if you can invite me with yahoo 360

Fabio Latino

I'm studying social networking I'm very interested in Yahoo! 360. I'd like to learn more about it.. can someone invite me?


Fabio Latino


Several 1000 invites are here:

Bob C

I've used Blogger for quite some time. Although it certainly has it's pitfalls, there are many advantages that the 360 blog lacks...most notably, customization of the blog template. I can see utilizing Yahoo! 360 in it's present form as a business/career place on the web, and for communicating with family/friends (assuming that they were all Yahoos...most of mine aren't). However, the blog experience as I've come to know it on Blogger is not yet present here, nor is it present on MSN Spaces or Friendster for that matter. Perhaps that is by design, perhaps not. I just find it hard to believe that hard core bloggers will end up posting their blogs here. If they do anything, they will probably just have a link to their "real" blog.


anyone can invite me,plz invite me...thank u and my mail is herlocklee@yahoo.com

Floris Vermeir

Intresting to read. I had a look, and it looks very promissing. As you are intrested in technology, perhaps you might be intrested in following blogs:



But I'd agree with Bob C, form what I've seen, I would use it as an, a front page, with links to all my blogs. Still it is useful using it together with a yahoo account.

Squarespace is intresting although it cost money, because it offers possibilites that most of the other don't.


Bitpas is intresting as it alows to sell ideas, with minimal setup costs.

No need to invite me, if it happens, that is ok, if it doesn't happen, then that is also ok.


yeah, if someone happens to have an extra invite or something and you were willing could someone invite me. I'm really eager to both try, and to use this system.



plz invite me


Your website is so beautiful!


Gmail invite sharing site

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