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December 01, 2004

Forrester search marketing bootcamp

I'll be hosting a bootcamp on the "The Essentials Of Search Engine Marketing" on Thursday, December 16th in San Francisco. This event will be an introduction to search marketing and is great for people who need to understand how search works, how to integrate search into the online marketing mix, and how to select an search marketing partner to handle paid search and/or site optimization.

Put another way, the target audience is probably the search marketer's manager -- someone who needs hands-on training to be able to ask the right questions to manage the process and outcomes more effectively.

If you're interested, please contact Jennifer Joseph at jjoseph@forrester.com or +1 617/613-6278.

And if you think of any suggestions on what to include in this or any other future bootcamp, pleaset let me know via email or through comments on this post.


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Sorry for the lateness of this, but I'm a bit behind in my reading.

Though you are probably very aware, Clusty has been using del.icio.us to gain some market share. I must admit that I have found it's clustering habits very useful.

Keeping abreast of the competition is always handy.


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