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December 01, 2004

Avenue A/Razorfish uses blogs & social networks for internal collaboration

By Charlene Li

Peers_network_1 I recently spoke with Avenue A/Razorfish about their use of social media to aid team collaboration and knowledge management across continents. Called Peers, the new test system allows employees to create profiles and then link to each other for collaboration purposes. The knowledge sharing comes in the form of blogs – each person uploads actual client deliverables, and project updates.

Here’s the interesting part – the users can go into the system, review the deliverables and provide ratings. So the system not only fosters collaboration, but also peer review that hopefully improves quality. One key to success – the company requires that everybody on the test team use it. I've included a screenshot provided by AA/RF.

Does this displace traditional knowledge management systems? Probably not. AA/RF described it more as a “marketplace of ideas” where team members can time shift brainstorming. For more information on Peers, contact David Deal at AA/RF.

This brings us one step closer to something I wrote about in my blogging report – here’s a quick excerpt:

"Forrester envisions a day when new employees on their first day will be handed a sheet of paper with their phone number, email address — and a URL for their blog. The company would give all of its employees a personal internal blog where they could provide project updates, trip reports, and market intelligence — anything that they think others should know about the work that they are doing. This information could then be tied into the company's VoIP phone system — for internal calls, the caller's photo, title, bio, and a link to his blog would appear on the computer screen. The blog content would give context and background for the call, making it unnecessary to send extra emails or to have extensive discussions about a project."


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Thanks for the pointer. This is interesting an KM paradigm.

Dave Forrester

Charlene, do you know how long they've been piloting the system? It doesn't look like it is integrated with their Intranet. Or does it subplant that?

Josh Hallett

You may want to blur out the mobile phone number on the screen shot.

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