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October 21, 2004

Forrester's RSS feed

By Charlene Li

Bob Wyman wrote in a comment to a post, "...one thing I would really like to see from Forrester is an RSS or Atom feed that provides details on the new research reports that you folk are constantly publishing."

To which I posted a comment -- which wasn't the smartest thing to do! (Remember, I said that I'm still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out!) So here's what I wrote so that you can all see it.

We actually do have an RSS feed -- it's at http://www.forrester.com/rss here, although we're not yet actually publicizing it yet on our site. But it's in the works!!! It's by far the best way to scan our research -- and since I've started using it, it has helped me tremendously (I can now honestly say that I read all of our research -- or at least, the summary!).

Update 11/08/04: The feed I originally posted in this post is a link to our RSS .91 feed -- the feed linked to above is a RSS 2.0 feed. And we are now publicizing it along with other feeds on a Forrester RSS Feeds page.


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Bob Wyman

Charlene, this feed is wonderful! Now, it is almost painless to keep up to date with new Forrester research and to find out about it as soon as it is published instead of having to wait until one remembers to go check the site.

Hopefully, all the other research firms will follow in Forrester's example and will start producing the same kind of feed! We'll have to wait a bit to see what the impact is on Forrester's business, however, my guess is that by making it so much easier for people to discover what you've published, the result should be increased readership of your reports and increased revenue. Hopefully, you'll give us an update in a few months to let us know if you've seen any bottom-line impact from publishing this feed.

I see that you folk have thought ahead to the traffic analysis opportunities and have included "&src=RSS" in the query string for the URLs that you publish in the RSS feed. The results of tracking this information should be fascinating.

I have a small suggestion for improving this feed... Consider duplicating the "author" information in the description element. (i.e. add something like: "author: Charlene Li" to the top of each item.) The reason for this is that not all feed viewers and aggregators properly handle "author" tags and it would make it easier for people to search for or recognize the work of specific authors if that content was duplicated in the description element.

bob wyman

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