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October 14, 2004

Forrester brief on Google's Desktop Search

By Charlene Li

Here's a link to the brief I wrote about Desktop Search. Note that you'll be able to read the whole brief only if you have access to Forrester's research. But here's a quick summary:

Google made it easy to search the Web, and now it's doing it again with Desktop Search. An elegant integration with Web results means that Google will not only encourage greater usage of both Web and desktop search but will also gain greater search loyalty against later entrants like Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, and Microsoft. But users beware — while Google gives them plenty of control over what they search, they should understand the implications of having a discoverable record of their activity on their hard drives.


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Gary Potter

Let us know if access to Forrester Research (I'm spoiled - Sabre's access is unlimited) gets in the way of your blogging. The excerpt you posted does not do justice to what you wrote.

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